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  • Robin Blumenthal

Community Resilience

"You can come out now," the Village Leaders cried,

And slowly doors opened as people ventured outside.

Some came out jumping and yelling, "It's good to be Free!",

While others stood by waiting, saying, "Still too risky for me."

There were those who came crawling, having barely survived,

While others felt stronger and said that they had thrived.

Some came out swinging, looking for who they could blame,

Still, others were heard crying, "things will never be the same!"

The Workers were exhausted, their service had come with a cost,

Then there were those who bore scars, for family or friends they had lost.

Weddings, birthdays, graduations they'd missed,

So much was lost as they'd each fought to exist.

Each experience, unique. Each story, worth sharing.

As the villagers stepped forward showing kindness and caring.

Neighbors withheld judgment, strangers listened with grace,

And healing began happening, right there, in that place.

Sharing their resources, time, compassion, and heart,

They stood stronger together than they ever could apart.

The Village? Forever changed, that much was true,

And as for how we move forward? That's up to me and you.

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