Robin Blumenthal


Robin Blumenthal recently stepped out of her role after 2.8 years as the Education Domain Director for 4Tucson, a Christian non-profit organization, to step into full time training, coaching, speaking, and writing.  Prior to joining 4Tucson in July, 2018, she served as a Children and Family Pastor for over 28 years.  She first heard the words, "Trauma Informed Care" after being trained as a Chaplain with the International Fellowship of Chaplains (IFOC) in February, 2018. She then heard about the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study in May, 2018. What she heard changed her life, her ministry, and the lens from which she views the world. Since 2018, she has read, studied, attended conferences, received certifications, and more on trauma.  Armed with the knowledge she has gained (and watching this knowledge change those around her), she is committed to spreading this life changing information to individuals, schools, and the faith community - both locally and around the world.

Robin and her husband, Roger, have been married 29 years and have 6 daughters who call them mom and dad, including 4 biological, 1 adopted and 1 unofficially adopted, ranging in age from 16-34.  Her life is full with family, grandkids, church, and ministry.  She is a certified trainer with the ACEs Consortium and a Trained Independent Facilitator of the Love and Logic® Curriculum (having taught well over 3,500 parents and educators these amazing tools.)  She has a B.S. in Child Development and an M.A. in Human Resource Leadership.

Robin is a trainer, speaker, event organizer, and a new author - having just finished her first book - Where in the Zoo Are You? - a children’s book with resources to help children talk about their emotions concerning traumatic events like COVID-19.


Here's what participants have said about Robin's trainings:

  • You’re fun and have a sense of humor.  Your energy made the training interesting.

  • They need this in every school – each teacher needs this.

  • It reminded me that we usually don’t know all that students are going through.

  • Excellent, engaging presentation.  I have been to several trauma informed/SEL trainings and this was one of the best presenters.

  • This was one of the best trainings I’ve received. 

  • You have given me tools.  I saw a certain student who I will be trying this on.

  • I liked the presenter and how she used her life experiences to teach us.

  • This was a great training.  This training helped show how relationships are keys in empowering positive students.

  • I loved everything so much.  Your personal experiences and classroom examples were so helpful.

  • I am going to use this!

  • Helped me to think about everything that is affecting my students every day; the phrasing of responses was very helpful.

  • I have a high ACE score myself and this training provided great tips to use on familiar situations and to understand my own learning.

  • I realized that I am the product of ACEs myself, so this puts a lot into perspective for me, especially the Hulk. I feel encouraged to continue to grow for myself and my school kids. Thank you!

  • I had a rough time with a particular class this week, so this training inspired me for the next week!

  • It makes me happy and excited to work with ALL of my students. Makes me take a step back and ask important questions (in my mind) about the student; this encourages me to walk around the classroom instead of staying in the front to help keep students engaged.

  • I thought about ways to increase the number of choices to give to my students.

  • I thought the personal examples from the instructor helped with the understanding of people who have experienced trauma.